We get the big picture, and focus on the tiny details.

Our refund policy allows a 97% refund of your deposit until the balance is due 30 days in advance of your arrival date. If cancelled between 14 and 30 days before your arrival, 47% of the payment will be refunded. Inside of 14 days, no refund is applicable.

We’re a team of engineers, business professionals, and artists with experience in resort development, commercial retail, and boutique vacation rentals alike. BEACHHAUS is the culmination of our favorite aspects of everything: great style, great value, high thoughtfulness, and low fuss. That's the big picture: effortless fun at accessible prices, all in comfortable places.

And then you'll notice the difference in the small touches: from all the beach accessories you could need to surprise gifts for our youngest guests. We've invested enormous thought, energy, and heart in every home and every touch point. After thirty years living here we believe that North County is the most charming place in the world. And we believe that after staying with us you will wholeheartedly agree.

Brenda holds an engineering degree, and lives with all the precision and attention to detail that one would expect. And yet she's a mother of four and the ultimate soccer mom veteran, so you'll notice all the personal thought put into making spaces kid friendly and sporty. She especially loves hosting young families.

Georgia joined our team in 2019 to infuse new marketing, hospitality and service options. Guests enjoy her interior design, photography services and her passion for our North County lifestyle. Miriam brings enormous commitment, precision, and creativity to her work as the Director of Operations. Lisa and Elle provide the artistic flair, while Lucy and Joyce support with marketing and strategy. Together we focus on delivering premium experiences at accessible prices.

Get in touch with us at connect@beachhausrentals.com. For anything you need, we're an email away.
Brenda Sampiere
Miriam Rocha
Georgia Gregory
Lisa Helstrom
Lucy Stephenson
Joyce Mullen